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From opening day to the end of the season we work closely with our vendors to bring your fresh food and a wide array of local products, services and crafts.

We have also featured a number of special events and will continue to do so as the season progresses. The market will continue at our indoor site at the middle school until December 19.     

To date the season has been a big success. Each week we work to bring you the best at the Middle School.

Want to keep up with all the good things happening at the market? You can sign up for our weekly newsletter: http://bit.ly/1RqXz3c

If you have comments or questions, send us an email. The Delmar Farmers Market is currently accepting vendor applications for the season. Vendors can apply online by clicking here, Don't forget to check out the latest at the Market on Facebook or you can follow us on Twitter: @DelmarFarmerMkt.

Squashing Hunger:  The Delmar Farners Market participates in the Squash Hunger program of the Capital District Community Gardens. Begun in 2004, Squash Hunger is a food donation initiative that collects and distributes more than 11 tons of fresh produce to our region’s food pantries and shelters each year. This has a huge impact on our region. For instance, a women’s shelter coordinator reports that the program is the only source of fresh produce they receive.  This year, the Market able to collect 580 pounds of produce for local food pantries and shelters. You can donate at the market.For more information on the project, see www.cdcg.org/programs/squash-hunger/squash-hunger/.
Delmar Farmers Market Again Ranked Among “101 Best Farmers Markets in America” as ranked by  The Daily Meal, one of the largest online culinary news sources.  

With over 8,000 farmers markets across the country, our market was selected as one of the top based on the quality and variety of the products, how affordable they are, the general atmosphere and the friendliness of the vendors and manager.  “From vegetables and spices to vegan dip and fresh-baked items, the market is Delmar’s go-to source for the freshest and most flavorful ingredients and ready-made food,” writes The Daily Meal. 
The Delmar Farmers Market features local,organic and natural farm products, baked goods, local and fair trade crafts, and music.

All of our vendors come from within 35 miles of the market in Delmar, New York!

Conveniently located at the Bethlehem Central Middle School, 332 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, New York (click here for directions), the market is open 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

Only 5 minutes from Albany, we are a premier Capital District farmers market.
              The Market is featured in a terrific new book:  A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh is a resource
explaining how to purchase safe, healthy and tastier food in the Capital Region. 

The book shares the many options available for consumers to buy direct from our local farms and the value that behavior has on our Upstate New York economy. 

New York State is a major food producer, ranking in the top five in the nation in milk and other food production, and with its 19 million consumers enjoys the unique capacity to make its food system more local and safer.  For more information contact Paul Rutherford, 518-944-0690, Paul@forpeoplewhothink.com.  

See what we're all about in our market video on YouTube (from ACE in the Hole Pictures, music by Swear and Shake).  

I Love My Farmers Market Celebration
Check out the American Farmland Trust's  "I Love My Farmers Market Celebration", and see what you can do to support local farmers markets.
A Big Thank You to our Sponsors!
The Delmar Farmers Market is most fortunate to a group of sponsors that help make the market possible.  Because of there support, we are able to continue to run the market every Saturday.  Check out the details on our Sponsors page, and please support them whenever you can! 
Community Showcase
Representatives from local organizations will bring you important information at the markey to help you improve our health, community, and environment.
Thank You to BCSD
The Bethlehem Central School District is committed to modeling environmental stewardship and fostering a real sense of community. The Delmar Farmers Market is committed to that same vision and we greatly appreciate the District for welcoming our market on the Middle School grounds.
Market Etiquette:
    -  Please, no pets allowed (we love them, but we need to be respectful of others)
    -  BYOB (please bring your own bags and help cut down on plastics)
    -  BYOC (please bring your own cup to fill up on coffee, tea, cider, lemonade with your own
       reusable cups and help cut down on waste)
    -  No smoking, please!
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